Playing in the snow

Hello! Nothing special today. Brett and I cleaned up from the party last night, I ate a giant lunch of cheese and crackers, summer sausage, macaroni salad and leftover cookie dough. I was eating it out of this giant bowl and Brett didn't notice at first and then looks at it.. and then at me.. and yells at me to go eat real food. Hehe! I helped Brett build a better blog for his band, Tall Ships. Then we watched Indian in the Cupboard and now I'm watching Christmas with the Krank's. Lazy day!

These were taken on our rooftop. I can sneak outside with Brett, quickly snap some shots and run back inside so that way I don't have to lug my jacket and Brett doesn't have to drape my jacket over his shoulder while taking shots! Hehehe! I wanted to get some "playing in the snow". I've seen some really amazing photos.. like this one and I really want to do a shoot like this. I was also featured in Blue Is In Fashion This Year's blog for wintry snow photos! I love all of the photos chosen. I am going to have to lurk some of those girls now... stunning.

This is my new skirt I got from Zara! I absolutely love it. It buttons twice in the front and wraps around. I can't wait to wear it in the warmer months without my sweater tights. I miss bare legs!

I cannot believe how close Christmas is! We still have so much shopping to do. I sense a lot of shopping on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas! I think Brett and I have each other done.. but we still have things to pick up for our parents, and our friends, and our cats.. eep! We always wait until the last minute.. every year! Is everyone else done with their Christmas shopping?

Have a wonderful week! I have to work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and a half day on Thursday. Who works on Christmas Eve?! At least it'll be a short day! Also! One of my very best friends, Andrea, is running for Style Icon on Chictopia! If you're joined, add her as a favorite to ensure her win for a January spot. She completely deserves it!

Also again! I've been getting a lot of emails and girls asking for my Selective Potential mix tape song list! I'm going to be posting one song daily going in order on the playlist. It ended up being 2 discs - 36 songs, so I'll be changing my song pretty much daily or at least every other day, so stay tuned if you want to know the song names! Unless you're dying to know, you can email me and I'll send you over the list!

Outfit details:

Zara skirt
American Apparel dress
Macy's cardigan
Forever21 necklace
Wanted heels