Winner of the Selective Potential Holiday Giveaway!

I had closed the giveaway at 4 pm this afternoon and ended up with 103 comments!


comments! How absolutely amazing. I've never felt so overwhelmed with happiness from all of my supporting blog fans! There were so many first-time comments that made me so so so happy! Thanks again so much everyone... and enjoy this second video where Brett is encouraging me to actually


the video. I was a little nervous (hehe!)

Brittany - If you want to email me your full name and address, I'll get that sent over on Monday via UPS!!!

I definitely plan on doing more giveaways, so stay tuned! Have a wonderful weekend! I'll definitely have lots of photos after tomorrow evening's Christmas party at our place! Our apartment is hilarious right now with Christmas wonderland galore! I have so much cooking and baking and cleaning and decorating to do tomorrow, so expect a post tomorrow night sometime after the party!