Winter break

19 days until winter break ends. It's going by so quickly too. I'm not ready for my last semester in college yet. I'm going to miss being in college so much. I know I'm very much ready to work full-time, especially for the company I'm at now, and make a very nice paycheck each week where I can afford a house and a newfie puppy, but being at Kendall is one of the greatest things to happen to my life and I'm going to be really sad to say goodbye to it. At least we're not there yet.. we still have 4 more months. For new readers, I go to an art college. I'm going to graduate in May with my bachelor's in fine art in interactive production focusing on interactive design. Aka; I'll be able to help you all with your blog layouts! ;)

So I really love this jacket. I bought it when I was 35 pounds heavier.. well maybe even heavier than that. Maybe 40 pounds heavier. It's a large jacket and I really love the fabric on it and the look to it with the peacoat buttons and the color. It just looks awful whenever I put it on. I was like... what in the world can I do to make this look okay? So I tried belting it.. didn't work so great. So I went into my hair drawer, grabbed my giant black ribbon I used to love to tie around my head and tied that around it to cinch it to my new belly. I thought it turned out alright?

I stole the hat tip from Brett. I have my gray one of course, which is also inspired by him. When we went to Chicago in October, we went to the Army Surplus store on the corner of Clark and Belmont. He bought one.. and I was like.. I need one of those too! So we both have one. It looks way cuter on him though. He rolls his at the top which is a good idea too! Maybe I'll try that next time.

I was supposed to hang out with Andrea tonight and I feel so terrible that I didn't end up hanging out. They were heading out a bit late and I can't believe I have to work tomorrow. Why would a workplace give Black Friday off but not Christmas Eve? Makes no sense! Brett is off for the rest of the week and all of next week! How is he so lucky?! Tomorrow night we have shopping to do (eep last minute!) and then we're spending the evening with my Dad and his girlfriend. Pictures to come! Have a wonderful Christmas Eve, everybody!

Outfit details:

T.J. Maxx tights
T.J. Maxx scarf
Forever21 shorts
Gap jacket
Army Surplus hat
Urban Outfitters flats