Date with Andrea

Today, I met up with Andrea from Blonde Bedhead, for a lunch date. We got yummy soup, salad and breadsticks from Olive Garden and drove to downtown Muskegon to grab some shots! It was so great to hang out with her. I missed her so. We got a ton of shots (sorry, I'm going to overload you with shots of me but she took so many great ones!) and even some video! I have a video editing class now, so I'm going to do a little "fashion" related video. I'll post as soon as it's done! Afterwards, we walked around the terrible mall in that town and said goodbye. I'm going to see her in a couple of weekends so we can shop for the upcoming conference! So excited!

Pretty basic outfit today! It's Sunday. And I'm not "supposed" to be blogging on Sundays. I told myself last week.. one day a week where you aren't allowed to go on the computer. At all. And last Sunday, I didn't.. and got so much done! Cleaning the apartment, laundry, washing and straightening my hair and getting ready for my insanely upcoming busy week! I slacked today and here I am.. with a dirty apartment and really gross unwashed hair. At least I don't have class tomorrow!

These are my cute little shoes I just got from Aldo last night with my Weardrobe gift card for winning their " Best look in heels" contest! Thanks so much, Weardrobe! They were $50, and so all I had to do was pay an extra $3 for these lovelies. I also got this lacy-style top from Forever 21 last night. They had a lot of cute spring items. I'm not ready to shop for spring yet..! It's still a little bit too cold here in the mitten and it will be for a long time yet!

If you haven't already seen Andrea on Chictopia or her blog, check her out! I just redesigned her blog for her! I was super excited about it! I don't know what I'd do without her. She's really my only close girlfriend within a 200-mile distance and I couldn't be more grateful. I'm super excited to see her in a few weeks and to go to NY in February with her!

So pretty. Absolutely love her hair. It was funny because people used to think we were the same person. We both used to go to shows in our town all the time and had very similar hair. So from the back, people would be like.. I saw you at this show.. but it was always one or the other! Haha! You're saying.. huh? Your hair isn't anything like hers? Yeah I know! I used to have super blonde, super curly hair all through high school, a lot like Andrea's (except her curls are way more defined and pretty) but getting older, I've really lost so much of my curl. Now if I let it air-dry, it's a pile of gross frizz! I should try to do it curly one day, just to see if will still curl or not!

Outfit details:

Forever21 top
Forever21 jeans
Forever21 vest
Aldo shoes