End of January

Where has the time gone?! I cannot believe I'll wake up to a new month in February. I'm (shh!) kind of glad that January is over. I always complain the time goes too fast, but I'm definitely ready for spring and the end of the semester to arrive because that means it'll be nice and warm out, I'll be graduating and making a full-time income! But for right now, let's live in the moment. February is going to be an amazing month filled with a ton of exciting things!

Today, Brett let me sleep until noon. I'm terrible! Then, we headed to Holland to grab breakfast/lunch and to head to downtown to peruse the shops and what not. We stopped to Lemonjello's for drinks and then headed downtown to realize that every single shop was closed. I totally didn't realize that the entire city basically shut down on Sundays! So our shopping trip was cut short! Darn, because I love walking around downtown Holland! We did go to the antique mall on the way back in Grand Haven. I got a gorgeous vintage paper umbrella that I cannot wait to debut in some upcoming photo shoot! I also spent way too much time flipping through old Michigan postcards. Got some great ideas for our "Michigan trips"! We also went thrifting and I got some boots, a new purse and two new belts! All for $9!

I got this amazing skirt from Brittany from Finders Keepers! We are doing clothing swaps and I sent her off a bunch of my stuff and got some really great items from her. I love this skirt.. which of course, I turned into a dress. I've done this once and twice before! I love the result always, but I think this time is my favorite. I'm all about mixing brown and black lately. I have so many black pieces but am on a brown obsession so I've been mixing them (although I was always taught you can't) but I'm breaking the rules!

I didn't update yesterday about mine and Andrea's shopping expedition, but just let me say.. I love Somerset. It's the best mall! We got so many great things! UO was having a 50% off all sale items and I walked out with 8 or 9 things for about $113.00. That's pretty crazy especially when it was including new lace-up boots (originally $148 and I got for $20!), a purse, a cardigan, a zip-up tank, gloves and two new rompers! I cannot wait to wear everything! I think I'm going to wait on a few new items for the Chictopia 10 conference. Andrea and I were cracking up at each other trying to figure out what to wear. We were talking it over and realized we just needed to be ourselves. I was like.. we just had a revelation! Just dress yourself. You all come here and visit me because you appreciate my style already, so there's no need to try and be someone else! I love you guys. Thank you!

Outfit details:

Dress from Finders Keepers
Tights c/o ModCloth
Urban Outfitters belt
H&M jacket
T.J. Maxx scarf
Urban Outfitters cardigan
Target boots