Gray against gray

This outfit should be named, "No idea what to wear today, so I'll just throw on a bunch of new items" outfit! It has been pretty cold, gray, and gloomy lately. It's uninspiring! I bought a bunch of huge chunky cardigans from the thrift store and I've been living in those lately. I work in an office that is either absolutely freezing or hotter than you can imagine, so I just don't know what to wear ever!

I wasn't going to post these photos.. because I'm not sure if I like them still, but oh well. Here they are. I've been feeling so slacker and guilty that I haven't posted an outfit since Saturday! I've been working full-time this week and it's draining! Yet I'm still not looking forward to going back to school full-time. I'll be at 22 hours a week at work and 18-credits at school. I won't be home basically Monday through Thursday from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm with no lunch break. It's not going to be fun! Good thing I have my tripod and remote.. so I can still get shots! Hopefully in the city so you can see a new setting! I'll miss you though, Brett!

This "crop-top" is the shortest I'll go. If I lift my arms just a little bit, you see belly... and it's pudgy and pasty right now. Hehe! These jeans are really skinny and a size below what I normally wear and make my body look funny, but I'm still just shocked I can fit into them.. so I wear them all the time! I got this adorable headband from Jen Loves Kev's giveaway! I loved everything in her package. So so cute. I'm also thinking it's time I go to the salon and get the roots touched up a bit. I think I might schedule an appointment for this weekend. I'm still going to have the grown out roots though.. I've fallen in love with it. The girl at the salon is going to be like.. what? You want me to touch up your roots.. but not all the way? Are you crazy? Haha!

Check out my very first sponsor, Emily Lyn Design! She has some really cute scarfs that she gets from American Apparel and draws on using Speedball water based inks! I love her designs. Especially the owls! I am planning on getting the scarf with the blue organic squares.. love scarves. Plus, she has earrings available in her shop too! Be sure to check out Emily Lyn Design!

I've been getting a lot of emails of questions asked over and over and I've also been noticing a lot of my favorite bloggers featuring Q&A sessions. I honestly spent a half hour reading Jen's Q&A session about her and Kev and just melted over every answer.. so I thought I'd offer the same thing if you wanted to submit some questions! I've noticed over the past few weeks I've gotten a lot more readers, so I thought now was a good time. Also, welcome to all of my new readers.. and thank you! Don't forget to say hi! Ps; Took a little break from the mix.. because I'm loving this song right now. So old, so good!

Outfit details:

Old Navy jeans
Forever21 top
Headband from Jen Loves Kev
Necklace c/o Dolly and Boy Jewelry
Forever21 boots