The Guy Behind the Camera: 1st Edition

I'll start my Guy Behind the Camera feature with my own personal fashion photographer and amazing husband, Brett. I don't think he knew what he was getting himself into when he took my very first fashion post. I had to say.. okay get a detail shot of this, get a portrait shot, get a face shot. He did a great job then and he's doing an amazing job now. We've taken so many photos together.. he has dealt with me complaining I don't like them, asking him to retake them, has stood out in the freezing cold, in the rain and will stand in the 100 degree heat come summer! Love our life together. Thank you, Brettly boo bear!

Kasey, from kayemkay, adores her husband for taking every one of her photos. She doesn't consider herself a fashion blogger per-say, but a lover of fashion. She has the most adorable Etsy shop full of amazing items all handmade by her. She just wanted to make sure her husband knew how much she appreciates him for taking photos and to let him know what a great husband he is to her. Gotta love young marriage!

Say hi to Amanda from Dishevelled Stars! Her boyfriend, Lennon, is always willing to take photos of Amanda for her blog, even when she says, "One more.. from a different angle" and he just sighs and smiles and snaps more. What an amazing guy you have, Amanda! You inspire others with your amazing fashion, adorable recipes and posts full of life!

This is Amanda from The Upside of Wonder. Her boyfriend, Gavin, is a really great skateboarder and is always getting his photo taken, but still takes the time to get shots of Amanda for her fashion blog that she is working on.. How amazing is that? Looking forward to seeing the future for you, Amanda!

Brittany from Finders Keepers is one of my favorite bloggers. She's so down to earth, full of life, has amazing style and has found major happiness in Patrick, her boyfriend (and photographer!) I always talk about Brittany to Brett like we're real life friends. Can't wait to meet her someday!

This is Coco and her fiance, Django from Our Paper Moon. Together, these two have impeccable taste from everything from fashion, to art, to music. Their blog is a wonderful read and always feature stunning photos. Plus, Coco is the biggest sweetheart.

I will be doing 5 guys behind the camera at a time. I hope to do this monthly, so stay tuned for yours! If you haven't sent one in yet, you can email them to!