Mild winter

What a pleasant Saturday! I even worked this morning and I'm still definitely calling it pleasant! I worked from 7 to 11 am and felt really great. Usually I sleep until noon and then feel guilty and groggy all day long, so I'm super glad to work, plus the extra hours are always lovely on the paycheck! After work, I came home to a gorgeous, clean apartment. Brett was up to his trickeries this morning! He said he knew if I came home to a dirty apartment that I'd want to spend our afternoon deep-cleaning, so he spent a little while straightening up so I wouldn't feel the need to clean... and he was so spot on! It felt great coming home to a clean place, thanks to my lovely husband!

I caught up on a few things and then we had to run to the post office. How exciting! I mail things for Selective Potential and he has to mail things for Tall Ships. We both have "fans"! How exciting is that? Really exciting. People always know Brett for being in Tall Ships, even though he doesn't necessarily know them. We're waiting for the day that some girl comes up to me and asks me, "Are you Tieka from Selective Potential?" and I will be like...yes!!! And I'll hug her. That's what will happen! Haha! Has that ever happened to any of you?!

Today, we headed out to Grand Rapids. I'm there every week day, so why not make it every Saturday too? Grand Haven is not the hot spot really in winter. Come summer, we'll never leave but winter? Let's take a little trip to the city, please! We stopped here to get some really great pictures (I love this background to pieces!) and to eat a yummy lunch at Ritz Koney. Then, we went and looked around the army surplus store, to peruse the mall and to see The Invention of Lying. Plus, I got a free combo #2 thanks to my Celebration Cinema rewards card! Wee!

This is Tieka on a "fashion diet". I cannot spend more money right now. I just spent a hefty little amount at ModCloth the other day, plus some !@#$%^& hacked into our checking account from the other side of the state, so we're working on getting that settled and Brett's brand new (well new to us!) car's heater blower needed to be fixed. What bummers! I'm trying super hard to save some money because I'm going shopping with Andrea next weekend for the conference, and then of course NYC and the conference, plus Brett and I are headed to Chicago. Lots of shopping to save for! ;)

This song is mine and Brett's "song". It played during our wedding slideshow and it was always our favorite song to sing together. Every time it goes, "Hard not to get hooked... hooked on you", Brett and I would always point at each other. It has always been our thing!

Outfit details:

Old Navy jeans
Forever21 tee
Thrifted blazer
Urban Outfitters scarf
Target scarf
Forever21 flats