Twenty three degrees

I'm really glad it's Friday, but not so glad it's the last weekend of winter break. I'm still feeling drained and not at all ready for spring semester! Life is flying by! I worked over 40 hours this week, so at least that'll be a lovely paycheck. We still need to get caught up from the holidays!

Brett and I went out to dinner at Red Lobster tonight, walked around the mall and went to see Leap Year, which I loved. The story was great (I'm a sucker for romantic comedies..) but the cinematography was really great. Beautiful scenery, lighting.. I just loved it all. It inspired me to want to move to Ireland.. or at least somewhere in Europe. At least for a couple of years.. gosh, that'd be so amazing. Brett and I were like.. how would we move all of our furniture though?!

Here's one of my many thrifted cardigans as of late. Brett calls it my granny sweater. It is kind of grannyish.. but it's so warm and super comfy and I like the color! Before you say something.. I actually wasn't too cold today in this! I think I'm honestly colder in jeans. Something about jeans makes me freeze my little tush off!

Outfit details:

Express dress
J. Crew tights
Urban Outfitters scarf
Thrifted cardigan
Target boots