Spring is on the way!

Today feels like spring might be peeking around the corner at any minute here in Michigan! I left for class around 7:45 AM and the sun was so bright, I thought I'd be blind by the time I got into Grand Rapids! My sunglasses just weren't cutting it and of course, I was heading directly east right into it! I just can't complain though. How gorgeous is sunshine in February. It's perfect!

During my lunch break, I decided to venture off and find a good place to grab some shots. Grand Rapids has so many great places to get outfit shots, along with Grand Haven. Especially come summer for Grand Haven. I have some really great ideas boiling in my brain. Brett rolls his eyes when I tell him about our summer shoots... and it's still winter. Hehe! But today, I decided to go down by one of our four bridges that cross the Grand River. Two are walking bridges and the other two are driving bridges. Actually, it's five because we have a gorgeous historic bridge as well just down on Monroe! Anyway, they are lovely. Especially at night when it's all lit up. I used to ride my razor scooter across them in the summer, stop and take it all in because it was so perfect.

I received this dress over the weekend while I was in NYC! I got it from Elizabeth, who got it from Mel's collection of amazing clothes. I love it. The ruffled top is so pretty. It's so short though! I didn't really realize until I got into downtown Grand Rapids and was walking to class and kept having to hike it down. Hehe! Sitting down is another story; good thing my legs are under the desk and faced away from my classmates!

So I feel like life is going to slow down a little bit now that NYFW weekend is over for me, which is refreshing. I was feeling really guilty about missing classes and feeling really rushed to plan what I needed to for the weekend, so now I feel like I'm getting caught up. This week has been a good one! I feel a little bit more calm, which is what I like. I'm seriously all about the simple life. Taking walks, enjoying the gorgeous sunshine, the above freezing temperatures and the simple joy of munching on Swedish Fish and giggling about how good all of that combined feels. Seriously! I'm easily entertained in life. An older gentleman laughed at me and said "Great hat!" and I beamed. Older men love this hat. My boss keeps calling me Sergeant Preston of the Yukon... but I mean, his hat is giant with a animal tail coming off of it. Crazy boss!

If you click on this image, you can see it larger to get a better glimpse at how Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky and Mel from Idee Geniale both styled it! It's cute because we all have very similar style - pairing it with tights, boots, a belt and some sort of long sleeve item. Layers are essential right now, obviously. Hopefully Erin or Indiana gets this and can style it in warmer weather! The back deserves to be seen - the zipper up the back is so pretty. Don't forget to become a fan of the Delightful Dozen facebook page too!

Outfit details:

Kensie dress
Macy's cardigan
Urban Outfitters belt
Gap tights
Scala Classico hat
Forever21 boots