Blog studio

Brett and I finished the "blog studio" today! We basically had a lot of it done a couple weekends ago, but I was waiting on some poster pictures to get back from the printer and we needed wall anchors to hang up my big ol' frames! I'm a sucker for picture frames. We have so many frames all over our apartment. Our apartment is slowly becoming "complete". I just need to finish the laundry room and the sun room and it'll be perfect. I really want to stay here for a while. This will definitely be the last place we rent, at least. Next move is to buy a house - and I'm thinking in a couple of years, we'll be ready, but for now I'm just in love with our place. It's the perfect beach town apartment.

I am a huge organizational freak. I just need things to be put away. Out of sight, out of mind, I say! Sometimes I can't relax on the couch when I know the floor underneath it is dirty. Or if I see some cat hair fly across the floor like a rolling tumbleweed, I feel instantly uncomfortable and gross. It's such a weird feeling. When I lived with my parents when I was a teenager, my mom would never have to scold me to clean my room. I'm too much of a neat freak, I think. While Brett, on the other hand, could live in complete filth! You should have seen his apartment when I first met him. Eww.

We basically got everything for the studio from IKEA! The desk, the chair, the boxes and magazine files, the picture frames, the magnetic board.. I love it. It's so cheap and everything looks wonderful together. All of the colors were so easy to match and everything is a piece of cake to put together (thank you, Brett!) I did install the filing boxes though! Go me! But now I have boxes for shipping materials, letters I get in the mail and everything else. It's so nice to find everything right where you need it!

The kitties are banned to the futon in the other area of this room. They keep sitting on my new chair in the studio and it's fuzz-covered already. We just shaved Meg the other day. I should have taken video.. it was like a complete garbage can full of cat hair. So yucky! She's so fat and lazy.. so she can't really bend around and clean herself, so she's just a grease pile, so we have to shave her down to nothing. She's on the right. Her name is Meg, but we just call her fatty. The one looking at you all crazy is Sergeant Death; aka Sarge. They make life interesting to say the least!

Brett is excited because he got a new place to put his record player and all of his records! He was so helpful in my studio. I mean, I get a whole corner in this apartment devoted to my obsession with blogging... and he gets a measly little cabinet for his obsession with records. What a darling husband! From everything from the actual IKEA experience from the installation at home, it's a true test of marriage! In IKEA, at first, we're just like Tom and Summer in (500) Days of Summer.. so happy and in love.. then we get down to the marketplace.. and you can tell Brett is getting more aggravated. Come the rug section, he's starting to hate me.. and then the picture frames next.. full on hate! Then... the warehouse? Murder face! Afterwards, I always have to go for pizza for him and then about an hour into the drive home, we're back in love again until he has to install these crazily insane pieces. If you can get through IKEA in your marriage, you can accomplish anything! ;)