Dove's Oscar Viewing Party!

On Sunday night, I hosted my very own Dove sponsored Oscar Viewing Party! It was hosted at my apartment in Grand Haven and I was able to invite 10 girls (could only haggle 6 into coming..) to come over for a taco bar, yummy desserts, drinks and Oscars! Of course, we had to get outfit shots too. Hosting a party like this really made me realize how valuable girlfriends are. Most of the girls didn't know each other, but still came out and it felt so great to get a new group together! I really truly loved hanging out with all of the girls!

Thanks so much to Dove for providing our dinner, beverages, necklaces and samples! They also provided ballots and styling tips! It was seriously such a wonderful package! I'm so glad to have won the party! We didn't get too many outfit shots of mine, because I've already featured this almost exact outfit back in November which you can see here! Brittany from Finders Keepers also styled this dress of mine in February, which you can see here! I wanted something comfy and cute while I was running around trying to be a decent host!

Now for a peek at some of the girls who attended! Not pictured is Andrea from Blonde Bedhead, who refused to get her picture taken (sicky little girl!) but instead squatted down in the railroad track mud in her amazing wedges to get our outfit shots! Haha, I love her to death. And Haley, who got pictures taken before the party, which you can check out at Andrea's flickr. All of these outfit shots are credited to Andrea... thank you girl, as always! First, this is Hailey! She's on Chictopia, so check her out! I loved hanging out with her.. she stayed later than the rest of the girls and I showed her my entire new spring wardrobe ;)

This is Kaleigh! She's on Chictopia too and also runs a blog called Ilfashion! Kaleigh and I have been friends for years and I haven't seen her in such a long time and I feel like that's about to change more! I loved her coming out! It's so amazing to feature and show you some of my fashionable friends, so now everyone has proof that not every girl in Michigan is wearing Ugg boots and Northface fleeces! Haha!

This is Tanya! Seriously.. what a cutie!! This is really the first time we've gotten a chance to hang out in a group of girls like this and I loved it! She was such a blast! And her floral skirt.. might have to steal that...

And, lastly, Ali! She is Andrea's really good friend and I totally see us becoming great friends too. She was so sweet. I'm seriously so thankful for the girls that came out to my party! Especially in my little town of Grand Haven! Two of the girls traveled from Lansing, two from Grand Rapids and two from Muskegon all to come to my Sunday night get-together. It meant the world!

We had a yummy taco bar catered by Anthony's Kicked Up Catering. The food was great, but the desserts were my favorite. I don't even know what they were either.. some concoction of deliciousness though! I'm definitely gaining this week. I find myself eating more when I don't know the points value of things.. which is never good. See I know that a Burger King Tendercrisp meal is 42 points, but the taco meal? No idea.. so I binge, but I'd never eat a Tendercrisp meal (ahem.. Brett..)

I'm also doing a giveaway on this post (which I should have gotten a picture of the jewelry!) but I'm giving away 6 prizes of an EnBeadia necklace (assorted colors) and a sample of Dove Visibly Smooth deodorant! If you'd like to enter, in your comment just make sure to type the winner of "Best Picture" from the Oscars!

Everyone looks so involved in the Oscars..! Our $5 chair doesn't really match the decor of the rest of our apartment. Hehe! It usually stays in the sun room.. ;)

Outfit details:

Urban Outfitters dress
Urban Outfitters cardigan