The Guy Behind The Camera: 3rd Edition

Welcome to the third edition of Selective Potential's Guy Behind The Camera series! I started this in January and every month I feature five lovely bloggers who have amazing guys behind the camera! I really grew to appreciate all Brett did for my fashion blog.. if it wasn't for him, I'd be lagging in photos quite a bit and we've stood out in the rain, the snow and soon.. the heat! And I just thought I'd give girls an opportunity to really thank the "guys behind the camera"! First, I'd love to introduce you to Jenn from Jennifhsieh! Her photographer is one of her best friends and always takes such wonderful shots of her! Not to mention she's incredibly adorable.. so I'm sure he doesn't have to work too hard, but he does nevertheless! Plus, he's got pretty great style himself!

Secondly, I have Julie from Orchid Grey. If you read this blog, I'm sure you know how much I love Julie. I met her in New York City and she was just so down to earth and insanely kind! Plus, we're Delightful Dozen buddies! Her blog is a must-read! Julie and Chris have been together for 6 years! She gets a lot of her shots herself, but if Chris is around he helps out! Seriously.. love the way Julie talks about Chris!

Next, we have Sarah from Six Before Breakfast! Her boyfriend is her favorite person in the entire world and they both love the days they do outfit shots because it mostly involves dancing and goofing off outside! (Sounds just like Brett and I...) and she is less likely to document her outfit when he's not around because it's so much more fun with him! Gosh.. it sounds like she's speaking right from my lips! I love this.. such a cute couple.

I'm so excited because a lot of my favorite bloggers are featured in this edition! This is Emily from The Daily Fashionista! I also met her (and Zach!) in New York City and fell in love with them! They were so easy to talk to.. and have so much in common with Brett and I. Emily and I keep in touch often and I find her to be such a wonderful friend. Zach is always willing to take her photo for her and she feels so comfortable in front of the camera when he's behind it! And he doesn't laugh at her unless their dog, Starla, runs around crazily! Haha!

And last.. another favorite of mine.. Jasmine from Transient Withdrawal and her boyfriend, Robert. I was also insanely lucky to have met them both in New York City as well. Didn't realize I've met 3/5 of the bloggers featured in this post while I was in NYC! Jasmine is.. the biggest sweetheart ever. She is also one of the few that I keep in contact with all the time.. even through snail mail. I absolutely LOVE her and Robert. They were dancing together at the Chictopia 10 after party.. and it was so crazy and cute and I just stood in the corner just smiling and staring and thinking how absolutely adorable they were. (I'm a creep, I know! But I couldn't help it! Haha!) Robert doesn't get every shot, but he definitely helps out! Jasmine herself is an amazing photographer and Robert always patiently waits if she finds the perfect moment for a shot. Adorable.

That's it for round 3 of The Guy Behind The Camera ! If you'd like to submit you and your beau, please email me at with your name, your blog URL, a photo of him, a photo of you and a brief explanation of why you appreciate your guy behind the camera! Doesn't have to be your boyfriend/husband! I'd love to see some Grandpa's behind the camera! (I loveee Grandpa's.. haha!) If you enjoyed reading this post, be sure check out round 1 and round 2! Stay tuned in April for round 4! Have a great weekend everyone!