IFB's Blogger Spotlight!

Thank you so much to Annie and Shauna who nominated me for IFB's Blogger Spotlight! I'm sure most of you already heard, but since the interview just went up, I thought I'd blog about it now. IFB is such a great resource for you newbie bloggers out there (myself included since I am still so new and have so much to learn!) I've learned so much from reading their articles and subscribing to their newsletter. Plus it's a great way to learn about other amazing bloggers. Be sure to check out their website, sign up for an account and read the spotlight feature they did on me! There was a quick interview! And thanks to IFB for the feature! And thanks to all of you for reading Selective Potential. Ugh, I couldn't be more grateful. You guys are honestly the best. Since I have nothing else for you guys today (can't wait for tomorrow's outfit/post!)