Lorrie's Button Clown

What an incredible day. Seriously. I needed today! I had a great day at work, the weather has been just gorgeous in the sunny 40's. Getting into a warm car is the best feeling in the world. My video class went extremely well and we got out early, so I was able to take a walk downtown. I loved it. Such a wonderful atmosphere today.. it's moments like these that make me love winter. I mean, winter is a grueling experience. But when spring starts to hit.. you don't take a second of it for granted. I love that feeling.

I took a walk downtown to a park where Lorrie's button is. I love these quirky little features about Grand Rapids. We have these random painted walls, amazing unique sculptures and art all over the city. Lorrie's button is by Hy Zelkowitz. It's a giant "pop-art" style button. It won the playground sculpture competition of festival '76! After 6 months of fashion blogging, I think I've finally realized that I don't feel comfortable with my style unless I fit in with my surroundings. That's why fall was such an easy time to dress. I felt like a clown walking around downtown with these bright red tights, but once I got to the button... I felt like my outfit was perfect. Like a perfect vintage playground, carnival feeling.

I received this amazing dress right when I got back from NYC from Jen from Jen Loves Kev and this is the first opportunity I've gotten to wear it. I've been so busy! It's mid-semester right now and although I'm blessed by going to an art school and we don't have mid-terms, I feel a little strain before spring break! Last night, I couldn't figure out how to style this dress. Usually I can't pull off too many bright colors, but I think the turn out was just fine! Next it's going to Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky! See how Jen and I styled it here and on our Facebook page!

I'm so excited for upcoming plans! This weekend, I'm going to Chicago! (I'll tell you more later!) and we are housesitting for Brett's parents, which I love. Their house is so comforting and cozy.. I feel like I'm on vacation! I have like four or five giveaways coming up (sweet, I know!) and one of them is from me for hitting 1,000 followers (even though that was a little while ago..) but seriously, you guys. Thank you for coming here! I never expected this! I live in a little corner of West Michigan.. and really don't have a whole lot of girlfriends (kind of a loner!) and you all make my day every single day. I feel like I have all of the best friends in the universe thanks to all of you!

Outfit details:

ModCloth Rainbow Raw Honey Dress
Target tights
Gap cardigan
Aldo oxfords