Floral grunge

Happy Thursday! I'm so excited when class is over Thursday night because then I know it's technically the weekend, because work is always a breeze on Fridays! I've been swamped with schoolwork. I feel like I've been neglecting the outfit posts lately, but I know all of you understand! I've had so many projects to work on.. I can't even keep my head straight. I was really struggling for a few weeks there and finally got myself back into the every day counts groove. I talk more about this at an interview that was posted today over at Makeunder my life's blog. I'm seriously feeling so great now. I've woke up every day on time this week, tracked every single thing I ate the last two days and have been getting so much work done. It feels amazing!

So, it's pretty cold here. I cannot believe NYC's weather and how summery all of the bloggers in that area have been able to look! Today, we had a three minute hail session (I heard, but didn't witness!) and a little bit of snowing along the lakeshore. Thank goodness I'm forty-five minutes east, in the city, so I didn't see any of that. I might have cried if I had! It's so deceiving here.. it was gorgeously sunny and then you walked outside expecting to be hit by a warm breeze.. and it's a freezing cold breeze! I really hope this weekend is warm in Chicago for the blogger meet up!

I brought back a little fall/winter style today, hence the weather! I bought this adorable 1990's grunge floral dress and I love it. I love how the sleeves are a little bit longer to cover up that "won't go away" winter pudge hanging out on my upper arms! And my Jeffrey Campbell boots were feeling a little left out in the back of my closet, so I had to bring them out. I know, I know.. you've heard me rant and rave about these lovelies.. but they are still my favorite. I try not to wear them too often because I want to keep them in pristine condition so I can wear them when I'm 80! ;)

Brett brought me here because his band, Tall Ships, got some promo pictures taken here! (hilarious really old video of me singing a song at one of their shows on their link!) What a seriously cool spot! I mean, of course, it's gross... and bums hang out here, but I think it fits my outfit perfectly. I think I've gotten myself into a bind with choosing the best location to shoot because if I have a normal setting - I'm bored with my photos. You should see me drive - I'm hanging over the driver's wheel looking for cool places to take pictures. Hehe! This is my "let's get out of here, it's freezing!" face. By the way, this is the last song on my Selective Potential mixtape! It fits the grunge mood today. From now on, I'll just post random songs of what I'm currently listening to!

Outfit details:

Vintage Strings 1990's grunge babydoll dress
Target tights
Urban Outfitters belt
Jeffrey Campbell boots