Spring Fever Blogger Challenge: Week 2

We're onto week two of the ModCloth Spring Fever Blogger Challenge! It has been so much fun (and yet really challenging!) trying to style these items that you might not have purchased yourself! But it's so fun seeing new and unique pieces still fit quite well into my wardrobe! It's also been a struggle for me because I take my photos and the same day I upload, edit and post them. But for this project, we are taking the pictures a week early, so this was from last Sunday, Easter Sunday! Feels like a million years ago now! ;) But this dress was quite perfect for Easter Sunday. We went to a service and brunch at Brett's parent's church in the morning! Brett's mom said I looked like an Easter egg ;)

After that, it was really quite nice outside (despite the gray, gloomy looking photos) so Brett and I decided to take a walk afterwards exploring the neighborhood homes in our historic district. There is this insanely old amazing huge haunted house in the middle of downtown Grand Haven. Brett and I peaked around the house and what not. It's so amazing how houses like that still exist. I really just want an old vintage home someday. We're house-hunting, but not really at the same time. We're keeping an eye open. We found another cute house that was built in 1920, but it still looks so modern. Brett rolls his eyes at me every time I complain. I'm going to be such a picky house hunter when actually do start a full time search!

I found this insanely darling shop from Sincerely Cecelia's blog. It's called PetitPlat. They feature all kinds of jewelry and little miniatures for dollhouses or nicknacks or whatever your fancy. But I just love it. As soon as I clicked over there, I knew I needed to have this darling cupcake ring. And it fit so perfectly with my Easter dress! Don't mind my chub looking fingers here. I can never fit into rings (darn you, Forever 21) and I loved this one because you could adjust it to fit your fingers!

Peter came to Grand Haven to see a movie with us that night, so the three of us headed out to snap some shots in Rosy Mound park! I love my hubby's little black shoes, flannel and cut off jean shorts. He is seriously too cute. I really miss hanging out with him so often! We're both so busy. I can't wait until school is over and we get to see each other 10x more often! Well, have a great Monday everyone! And don't forget to head over to the ModLife blog to vote for your favorite look! The other girls look darling!

Outfit details:

Na-Na-Nineties Dress c/o ModCloth
Forever21 belt
Forever21 cardigan
Petitplat cupcake ring
Urban Outfitters flats