An old fashioned carnival

It's like a magnetic attraction. Put a dorky carnival or some touristy event near our town and you can guarantee Brett and I will be paying it a visit. Well, today, it was the Fruitport Old Fashioned Days. It's actually.. a pretty redneck carnival with a dirty petting zoo and a few rides and carnival vendors oogling my goodies. But, of course, we go. And, of course, I end up wearing my "carnival outfit"! Brett begged me to change of course, but being the daring fashionista I am, here I am. And after many stares and oogles, trust me, I was ready to scoot after we grabbed some shots!

I knew we had a carnival coming up and I wasn't sure what to wear to this extravagant event! At first, I spotted this darling carnival confetti dress at Modcloth, that sold out. So, then I went on the hunt for another fun dress and spotted this ZZ dress! And I purchased the very last one. I saw it said "one left" and after my purchase saw it go to "Oh no, we're sold out!" Yessss.. I win! But Modcloth has this wonderful feature where you can have them alert you when it's back in stock. Nifty, huh?

These darling bangles will be hosted as a giveaway soon - so keep your eyes peeled! I was really excited when I got them in the mail to host as a giveaway and saw that they matched today's outfit perfectly. I have some really exciting news for you guys too. Wait.. you think I'm going to tell you now? No way. Of course, as always, I have a wonderful obsession of wanting to debut everything in a "cute way" on the blog, so you'll just have to wait and see! Just let me say, it's one of the most exciting collaborations for Selective Potential yet!

So after we snapped these photos, we took a ride around the lake (a typical sunset ritual in our town, it seems, to "cruise" the strip) Well anywho, Brett and I were blasting our Hall & Oates radio station and I was clicking through the camera unsure if I liked these photos or not, thinking maybe I went overboard with the riskyness in this outfit. And I turn to Brett and go, "Let's head down to the beach so you can snap more pictures" and a song on the radio's lyrics go, "I can't go for that (no can do)" and I start dying laughing. So of course, Brett starts singing this to me and I'm just cracking up. I updated my music player. It's just one of those perfectly timed out moments.. hahaha, so funny. These lyrics are just made for our guy's behind the camera: Easy, ready, willing, overtime. Where does it stop, where do you dare me to draw the line. You've got the body, now you want my soul. Don't even think about it, say no go. I'll do anything that you want me to. I'll do almost anything you want me to do. But I can't go for that, no. No can do. Bahahaha!

Outfit details:

ModCloth ZZ Dress
Bangles c/o Empress Jade Vintage
DSW Peep Toe Wedges