Runway on Monroe

Runway on Monroe is a Michigan-based competition to find the best fashion designer in the area! Anyone could enter the contest and in April - the 20 finalists were named to show their line in the "Runway on Monroe" fashion show. The contest offered $5,000 for the winner and it's also exciting to be known as the best Michigan fashion designer! The contest was inspired by "Project Runway" and "American Idol" where they had a panel of judges to decide the winner. What a fun fashion event for Michigan! I love the quote by Alyssa Schutter, "The fashion industry is something that isn't thought a lot of in Grand Rapids. It's here. I just don't think the public realizes it."

I'm super excited to be contributing to the Michigan fashion community and to promote Michigan as a place to be and as a place to live. It's an exciting place for fashion because you have so many fashion possibilities with the wonderfully unique seasons and so much to be inspired by in our state. This competition is just another great way to build the fashion community here! The winner of the contest is also being flown out to LA try out for "Project Runway"! How wonderful would that be?!

I'm not impressed with my photos, but it was the best that I could do. Brett and I squeezed our way to the front because it was standing room only. I couldn't believe the turn out for the event. It was outdoors at Rosa Parks Circle right downtown and such a fun setting. I've never been to a fashion show outside before, so it was fun. Brett even said he had a great time! I'm so glad we are starting to do more events like this. A lot of these events were inspired by ArtPrize. I swear that competition changed our city!

To learn more about "Runway on Monroe", be sure to check out their website or follow their Twitter! It's a fun time to be living in Michigan! I couldn't be more proud. As many of you long-time readers know, I'm a Michigan fanatic. Brett and I have some insanely amazing trips planned this summer that I can't wait to show you guys and tell you all about! Thanks for reading - and enjoy your week, everyone!