Walk on the beach

I've been so excited all day to get home from work to update with this post. Brett and I took these pictures last night and I'm just in love with the lighting and the whole setting and how beautifully it worked out. The sunset was gorgeous last night. It's so wonderful to take a drive down by Lake Michigan and see the sun set on the lake. I always take for granted that I can do that every night. It's so pretty! Expect many more outfit posts down here! The only problem I have with it is waiting until sunset to do outfit shots. I'm too excited that I want to do them earlier in the day!

This wonderful, classic white dress is from Megan Nielsen and is being mailed around to the girls in the Delightful Dozen. It's so perfect for spring/summer. The lace detailing on the top is so subtle and pretty and this dress is going to be perfect to fit our gorgeous pregnant girls in the group too! Elizabeth and I both belted it, but this dress could be styled so many different ways! I did something crazy in this dress (expect a post on Monday!) and was so scared to get it dirty! Hope it's not too bad for Julie, who gets the dress next! Be sure to check out how Elizabeth styled it here, and become a fan on our Facebook page to stay up to date with the Delightful Dozen!

I paired it with gray accessories! My favorite scarf, as you all know because it's plastered on my blog header, is the perfect touch to keep bare arms cold when there is still a little bit of a spring chill in the air! And the sandals I got on sale for $20 at UO! I score the best deals at UO for some reason! Probably because I don't have one close by, so all of the sale items are all new and exciting to me!

Just a few things - there is a darling new summer 2010 lookbook over at Shop Ruche that you must check out. If I could have all of my summer outfit posts to look just like this lookbook, I'd be so happy. Haha! I just purchased this heart cut-out dress - I've been lusting after one that fit into my budget - and this one is perfect. I bought it the second I saw it - haha! I'm compulsive! Also, if you own the Selective Potential dress, send in your images of you wearing it! I'll put them up on the blog! And also - a quick question! Do you think I should touch up the ombre hair or grow it out? I can't decide what to do! I'm a blonde - that's who I am - but I'm also loving the darker roots for once in my life - half and half is the only solution I can think of!

I'm so excited that it's Friday tomorrow! We have some so-fun weekend plans that I can't wait to tell you guys about on Monday! I put Selective Potential on a bit of a schedule recently to make sure I'm getting my outfit posts and giveaways and what not scheduled when they need to be, so that way I'm organized! And let me just say - next week is going to be a fun week! I'm so excited for it! Have a great weekend, everyone!

Outfit details:

Megan Nielsen Rie Dress
Urban Outfitters belt
Crochet Touche scarf c/o ModCloth
Urban Outfitters sandals