WhoWhatWear Style Stalker // May Feature!

I've been featured on WhoWhatWear's website in their Style Stalker article again! I couldn't be more excited! I actually knew about it last week (teehee), but it was still a great thing to see today because I wasn't sure when it was going up! I have their book on my bedside and constantly await my daily email for inspiration and to stay up on the trends! Definitely one of my favorite websites for help on style. If you don't subscribe, I'd so recommend it! And thanks to WWW for featuring me! I was also featured last November in their style stalker article for my "rainy days" look!

I thought I'd post the photo again for you to see! It was in my blog post, "Spring fever" back in March, when we had our first few gorgeous spring days! I love this outfit still. The dress is actually being passed around the Delightful Dozen right now - so be sure to see their take on it! And the dress and scarf are from Modcloth - woo! Thanks to them for having such amazing items I can purchase! Wee! Thanks again to everyone who supports and reads my blog! You're all the best!