Windmill Island

Saturday, Brett and I spent an amazing day in downtown Holland for their Tulip Time Festival. I couldn't believe I had never been to Windmill Island before. I've always seen it from afar, but we finally decided to purchase tickets and head out to the island. It was so wonderful. Tulips everywhere, a little Dutch village, shops, wooden shoes, a Dutch carousel, miniature Netherlands villages and drums and whistles playing in the distance! If you're ever in the Holland area (in Michigan, hehe!), I'd so recommend paying a visit to Windmill Island!

I've been holding this exact outfit in my closet for over a month (bought the cardigan and skirt during my trip to Chicago for the Jess LC shoot!) and labeled it with the idea of "Windmill Island". It's so funny how I do that now with outfits. It's actually really fun to think of outfits to fit locations. Actually now, looking at all of the gorgeous, colorful tulips, I might have gone with something brighter, but I think I fit in quite well with my spring surroundings! I couldn't love this skirt more! I see it's actually on sale now too, darn! I also didn't realize how much Urban Outfitters I'm wearing here!

The 248-year old Dutch windmill "De Zwaan" (meaning graceful bird) is still working! It's 125 feet from the ground to the top of the blades and towers over 36 acres of gardens, paths and picnic areas! There was the longest line to wait to go inside, so Brett and I decided to save that for next time, but it was so lovely to see! Especially in the distance as we walked the path to the island! I love quirky Michigan and all of our fun tourist spots.

The Queen of the Night tulips were actually my favorite! They were just so unique. It's sometimes called "the black tulip" but it's a deep, velvety-purple. It's the closest that hybridists have come to creating a black tulip! Neat, huh? See. I'm fascinated by these types of things. That's what I get for not being a party-girl and marrying a boy that isn't a party-boy, we go to windmill island and marvel over the tulips. Hehe! I love it. It's so much more fun.

Brett decided he wanted to eat the tulips, obviously. In every picture I managed to snap of him, he is eating a tulip. He must have been hungry. I tried to convince him afterwards to dine with me in the tent on the $5 Dutch buffet, but he refused! If there was one thing I'd change about Brett, it would be his eating habits. I hate that he's so content on eating pizza, macaroni and cheese and chicken tenders for every meal. I'd so love to eat crazy Dutch food in a crazy tent with people dressed in crazy costumes! He decided to opt for the overpriced carnival food instead. What a husband!