The Guy Behind the Camera: 6th Edition

Welcome to the 6th edition of Selective Potential's "Guy Behind the Camera" series! Let me just say I love every submission that I get for this feature. I'm so glad that I started to do this back in January! And I have girls signed up for November already. Isn't that crazy? So many great guys out there! First, we have Brittany from Shoes for Dessert! This is her guy behind the camera, Roger! They've been together for a year and a half and they do the cutest things for each other. For her 20th birthday, he planned a prom for her in his basement (because she never got to go to her prom and always felt like she missed out) and he had balloons everywhere, streamers, music and even a "photo booth" in his bathroom. Ah, how sweet is that!

Next, we have Terra from Stylish White Female! Her husband, CJ, has been supportive of her blog concept from the moment she said she wanted to try it out. As burly as he can be, CJ is the person she always turns to for input on her style. He's got a wonderful eye, she says. She wishes he could be her full-time photographer, but for now he grabs all of her shots on the weekends. It's so awesome how with busy schedules, he makes time for her love for blogging! Love it!

Third, we have the lovely Annie from Little Ocean Annie! Her dear husband is always taking amazing photos of Annie even when she complains and then he offers to drive her to another awesome location and re-take them! Honestly, how sweet. She said that if she were him, she would have said to shut up and stop being whiny. Haha! Now, even he is scheming (as usual) a plan to get them into an old abandoned building for some shots! I loveee when guys come up with ideas too. Sometimes their ideas are better than some of ours! (Don't tell Brett I said that...!)

Next, we have Kimberly from Kimberellie Miss Furnellie! She appreciates her husband so much for doing her photographs because not only does he have to take her picture, but he has to take her picture while holding their darling son! It is usually either a lot of fun because they'll make an outing out of it (hike/beach) or it is a mad dash while he is on his lunch break! He does a great job and he takes a lot of pictures! He's so easy going and so helpful and never complains that everyday she is asking, "Will you take a picture of me for my blog?" She thinks he's thisclose to perfection. She wanted both her husband, Michael, and their son, Soren, included because they are both behind the camera. (Ah, I can't wait for this someday!)

And lastly, we have Sam from Sparklmotion. She wanted to submit her boyfriend, Jacob, for guy behind the camera because he has been so supportive of her and her blog since she started it last summer. When she started blogging, she felt really self conscious (as she was never really comfortable with having her picture taken) but he made her feel super comfortable. It is so much fun for them to explore new areas of campus and the city together for new backdrops. All in all, she is just trying to say that he kicks a tripod's butt any day! (Haha, I love that!)

Well, that wraps up another feature of the "Guy Behind the Camera" series! If you would like to submit you and your guy, email me at with your name, your blog URL, a photo of him, and a brief description of why you love your guy! If you enjoyed reading this post, check out the previous five editions! Have a wonderful Saturday! (I scheduled this on Friday and am currently in the upper peninsula with Brett for our weekend getaway!)