Parks and playgrounds

It is a well known fact that Brett and I love playing on playgrounds! They are so much fun - to swing on the swings, to slide down the slides, to spin on those really fast spinning things and then feel really sick afterwards. Hehe, so fun! Especially if you find those awesome playgrounds with the little speakers that travel to the other speaker. Brett and I will sit there and just say dorky things to each other. Ah, it's fun to be kids. I'm almost 24 and I'm still a little kid. He's almost 26 and he's even more of a little kid!

Last weekend, I was thrifting and saw these old granny shorts and thought, you know. These are actually really cool right now - so I bought them and a baby blue pair! A year ago, I would have thought I was crazy wearing these - but they are so comfortable, perfect for riding the scoot and playing on playgrounds! I hiked them up as high as they could go - the higher, the better! I received this dress for a swap in the Delightful Dozen through Maria of Lulu Letty! If you haven't heard yet, Maria is our new member of the Delightful Dozen, so be sure to check out our page for the side-by-side photos and updated on everything going on in the DD!

Brett was like, "Hang upside down!" and I wasn't sure if I could still do it! I honestly haven't hung upside down since I was a kid - it's a lot more tough when you get older! He's the master at all things hanging. He always beats me at chicken fight and can always cross the monkey bars when I can't even make it past two of them! In the winter, we made a winter video of us and he totally took me down on the monkey bars! He's supposed to pretend to let me win, right?! We really need to make a spring video of us doing something typical in marriage again! I like videos! I'm working on a makeup tutorial video right now!

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday morning and I'm so nervous. Like.. awful feeling nervous. I've never been put under before and I've never broken a bone, had any type of surgery, or stitches, or sprained anything. I've never even really had a deep cut or a huge bruise or anything. I'm a wuss! I just want Friday morning to be over with! Give me good-case scenarios guys! I need encouragement. Brett keeps giving me gory details. Jerrrk! Thanks everyone for your amazing comments lately - I'm trying to play catch up! I might disappear after Friday morning for a while depending on how I feel! Wish me luck!

Outfit details:

Thrifted shorts
ModCloth dress via Lulu Letty
Twisting Tree Ring c/o ModCloth
Steve Madden flats