Sponsor Spotlight: Genuine Scooter Co.!

Earlier I said that I was working on one of the most exciting collaborations ever and now I'm really excited to finally debut it! We told a few select really close friends, but Brett and I have been pretty secret about it until we got it all ready to debut! Well, I'm sure most of you know about our "Married with scooters" post! Well Genuine Scooter Co. saw it and loved it and thought Brett and I fit right in with their slogan, "Feel the love, it's genuine"! So now we're working with them - and it's so exciting especially because Brett and I love our scooters and I couldn't be happier to promote them! Especially for a business that truly cares about their customers, for a product that saves on fuel and helps the environment and like one of my readers said, "Makes any outfit look better!"

I got an email from the founder and president himself, Philip McCaleb, asking me to call him! So of course, I did, and we spent a good half hour just talking about how there are so many exciting things coming up for Genuine Scooter Co. and he wanted Brett and I to be a part of it and how much he really loved my blog! I nearly died. I went home to Brett that night and had a "happy heart attack". We honestly danced around the apartment thinking that was just the coolest thing in the world. Haha! Philip said he is even going to come out to west Michigan sometime this summer so we can go for a scoot ride!

So of course, I went out and celebrated the occasion by picking up a bottle of nail polish to match Buddy. And picked out a million things I absolutely need to bling out my scooter (aka, a wicker basket so I can fill it up with pretty flowers or beach towels or whatever my little heart desires!) In case, you might ask.. my nail polish is Pea's and Q's by OPI!

So, I thought it would be fun for this sponsor spotlight to show off Buddy's outfit. So, we put him in my classic outfit spot location and Brett took some pictures! Brett was walking away when Buddy goes, "Hey.. don't forget details!" Buddy is sporting chrome features, a mint green coat.. and of course, Tieka. ;) I just picked up this bag from Urban last weekend. I was looking for a bag that mixed brown and black for forever and was so glad to find one on sale there! It's perfect for scooting! I usually have enough room in my trunk, but Brett and I had pizza leftovers in there. Hehe! Well have a great rest of your weekend. I have a crazy outfit shoot idea tomorrow that Brett is going to murdeer me for. At least it's secluded! ;)