Cave spelunking

Saturday, Brett and I decided to take our close friends on a cave spelunking adventure! We took this same exact trip this time last year, so we wanted to go again and show off the only natural tavern cave in the lower peninsula to them! We love it. It's tiny and so corny, but it's just one of those really dumb, corny things that Brett and I absolutely love to do. You pay $2 in this tiny gift shop and open a door that leads down to this dark, wet cave. We are official cave spelunkers!

Alright, I know what you guys are thinking. "Tiek, really? Cave spelunking in those shoes?" Well, to be totally honest, I wore flip-flops. There was no way I was about to bring my favorite JC sandals down into the wet, muddy tavern, but when I styled this outfit in the morning, there was no way I couldn't wear these shoes with this outfit. It went perfect! But I did wear my grimy old flops for the day!

I absolutely love this shirt tunic from Ruche. When I purchased it, it was a toss up between this and their cute little rope dress, but I wanted something that I could style up in autumn too, so I went for the shirt tunic and I'm really glad I did. I felt really comfortable, but quite classy all day in this outfit. Totally something I could wear exploring out in the woods or wearing for a night out! I adore these shorts from UO, but they get so wrinkly. I ironed them before we went out and by the time we got out of the car after our 2 hour drive, they were all wrinkles again! But oh well, I love them! Perfect for a cave adventure with friends!

Outfit details:

Urban Outfitters shorts
Best of Both Worlds Shirt Tunic c/o Ruche
Adorned Beauty Leather Ring in Rainbow c/o Ruche
Jeffrey Campbell Splendid Sandals