Down on the farm

Today, Brett and I took a scoot trip out to Eastmanville Farm. It has been a gorgeous day. Bright white clouds, blue skies, 80 degrees and super breezy. We love taking scoot trips out on this country road - it's also where I took my Shanty Creek post. Every time we drive back here, I get new inspiration for future outfits! We walked along the trail, checked out the barns and saw so many butterflies - like swarms of them! Lovely trip... "down on the farm"!

I received this dress through the Delightful Dozen! It's Maria from Lulu Letty's namesake ModCloth dress. It's so so lovely. As usual, I didn't want to style it up too much because it's such a great dress on it's own. Be sure to check the Delightful Dozen facebook page to see each way we have styled up the dress! I felt like this dress was a little bit "country" feeling to me, so I thought.. what better than a farm? Mixed with red accessories to match? Wa-la!

We were supposed to go camping up in Torch Lake this weekend, but our plans changed when major storms came to Michigan. We rerouted to Indiana and our campground ended up being.. well, not a campground but more of a trailer park and our campsite was basically in someone's back yard. So, we drove to Wisconsin, slept in a hotel, drove back to Illinois and ended up staying a night at the Key Lime Cove resort, which was a blast. So that's the extent of my weekend! Did everyone have a good one?!

Outfit details:

ModCloth Lulu Letty Dress via Delightful Dozen
Bracelet c/o Recy Vintage
Forever21 belt
DSW wedges