Summer marsh

Being right in the middle of summer is so surreal to me! You're right in the midst of it, yet you cannot believe how fast it's gone and yet you're already planning for the autumn season. It's baffling, especially because time is going too fast for me right now! I feel like I can't hold onto my days - they're just flying past. It always happens in summer though. I swear every summer I always say that I'm excited for cooler weather so that the days slow down. But I'm truly enjoying this summer so far. We've had such a beautiful one here in Michigan!

I received this dress quite a while back and truly wanted the perfect setting for it, because I love this dress more than words can describe. The heart cut-out back was a definite must-have and for a reasonable price, it was instantly in my cart and being checked out. I fell in love with the heart cut-out design a few months ago, but could never find a dress that was reasonably affordable, until I came across this one from Ruche, of course! Plus the longer length is refreshing, the muted pink color and floral pattern. Love at first sight! It's currently sold out, but they do have a darling sage one available!

I've been wanting to try this summer floppy hat style for quite some time, but I didn't want to spend too much on a trend I might not enjoy thoroughly or even wear more than once. Brett and I always peruse T.J.Maxx (love that store) and I came across this for $10 and bought it up! I really love it for this look, but I'm not sure when else I'd wear this giant hat! It's perfect for summer though - blocks the shade and looks so cute with a summery floral dress!

So, Brett and I trespassed for these photos, of course! This time it was someone's private property right on this marsh swampland. We were trying to cut through the woods but all of the trails were overgrown, so we looked at each other and said, "Alright, let's book it!" So we ran as fast as we could through someone's back yard into their wayyy back yard on this dock! When we were all finished, we ran back through the middle of their yard and found out it was all swampy and we kept sinking as we ran! Haha! And by the time we hit their driveway, there was a dog we also had to dodge! Hehe. Typical day in the life of us. We're off camping for the entire weekend by Torch Lake, so I won't be around, so be sure to enjoy your weekend!

Outfit details:

Oh It Is Love Sweetheart Pink Dress c/o Ruche
T.J.Maxx hat
Urban Outfitters flats