Sweet cherries

I was planning to attend the cherry festival in Traverse City last weekend and do my post there, but we ended up going to Chicago instead, but I still wanted to have a post on cherries! Michigan is huge on cherries. They ripen usually about the third week in July, but they came early this year due to the heat wave we've been having! Michigan produces about 75% of the nation's tart cherries. Traverse City even calls itself the "cherry capitol of the world"!

I picked out this dress from Spotted Moth and I absolutely love it. The longer length is wonderful for a change, red is one of my favorite colors to wear and I love the subtle details. Such a perfect summer dress! I knew I wanted some cherry details to this outfit, so I went searching. One of my favorite features about Modcloth is that you can search in their search box for any keyword you want. As you guys know, I love doing themed outfits and outfits to match my location. So I went there and searched "cherry" and it came up with the cutest items all having to do with cherries. It's so perfect. I've done that for so many upcoming outfits. Honestly, try going there and typing in cherry and look at the results. Cutest items ever.

Talbots sent me this lipstick to try out and I love it! I absolutely love red lipstick. I started wearing it a lot last fall and I've loved it ever since. They teamed up with an indie beauty brand, Three Custom Color Specialists. Well, they came up with this new lipstick called "Charmed" and it'll be available when a customer makes a purchase of $150 or more from September 9th until supplies last. I loved it. A perfect shade of red for any skin tone and it was really subtle and not overbearingly bright. A timeless red. Well, I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! I'm off to watch "The Time Traveler's Wife" with Brett!

Outfit details:

Maraschino Dress c/o Spotted Moth
Shirley Temple earrings c/o ModCloth
DSW wedges