Silver sailboats

Tonight was one of those perfect summer-ending nights. It's still in the 80's here and the wind was so warm and yet really refreshing tonight! Brett and I took a scoot ride down to get some ice-cream and walked along the water down to Bicentennial Park where these sailboats are. The lighting was too pretty - I didn't alter these photos at all. I just resized and posted!

We took a scoot ride down to the train station where they were filming a music video - like a cirque du something. It was like.. this local kid who wrote a song called something like, "The Tail of the Michigan Cougar". It was so funny; Brett and I were dying laughing and singing it to each other on our scoots as we rode past the lake. After that, we rode up to Jumpin' Java for an iced chai for me and a raspberry smoothie for Brett. Mm! I wasn't going to post this picture but Brett thought it was "the cutest". Haha!

I love swaps with the Delightful Dozen. Not only do I feel like I have such wonderful friends, it really helps me step out of the box. I absolutely love this top and I might not have ever thought to buy something like this! I never really had girlfriends to raid their closets and now I feel like I have eleven girls that I can raid their closets! The ring I'm wearing is from Vadjutka! She offers really unique handmade jewelry! I love totally unique pieces. I always get asked where some of these items come from and it's awesome to say it's handmade from an independent designer!

Brett looks like he is windsurfing in this photo! Hehe, he's so cute. We have a little *project* in the works including me on guitar/vocals and him on drums...! We had band practice in the blog studio tonight. It was so cute. I felt like Mates of State! Maybe we could tour the world and bring our little blonde haired, blue eyed babies along with us? Ah! Dream on. I'll keep you guys updated with any details of our music!

Outfit details:

Target skirt via Delightfully Tacky
Top via Idee Geniale
Thrifted purse
Ring c/o Vadjutka
Return of the Mack-Rame Belt c/o ModCloth
Urban Outfitters flats