Sunset on the pier

The end of summer is such a gorgeous, yet super bittersweet time in our town. The sunsets are going down earlier in the evening, the winds are picking up, the water is getting colder. Autumn is my favorite season, but it's hard to let go of summer too, especially living in a beach town that comes alive in the summer season! We walked down to the pier and it was so pretty down there and I personally adore wind although it makes my hair crazy! It gives it more volume and texture! Wind is my favorite. I always ride with all of the windows down too!

I picked up this so cute "dress" from a thrift shop. It's actually a skirt, of course! I always head to the old lady skirt section and go straight for the larger sizes to try and find something that will fit as a dress. It's so easy to style up - just add a belt and a cardigan and you're set to go for $3! I couldn't believe I found this adorable anchor print in a perfect condition white skirt. I love it! And these red wedges have proven to be an amazing purchase for summer! I've worn them so many times.

I cannot believe I hadn't updated since Wednesday! Gosh, summer has been so busy for us! This weekend was so much fun though. We got our scooters worked on yesterday and put new pipes on they - they haul now! Seriously - Brett and I were cracking up at how much fun it was to scoot on Saturday! We were sitting there flipping through the Scooter Works catalog and came across this page and saw a picture of me! We were like - oh my gosh - haha! That is so awesome! I wasn't at all expecting it while sitting there waiting for my scoot to get done! The mechanic even had me autograph it! Haha!

Outfit details:

Thrifted dress
The Limited cardigan
DSW shoes