Chictopia Media Tech Summit

Phew, it's nice being back home in Michigan and still having posts from NYFW! Now I can laze around the house in my jammies, get caught up around here and relax! On Sunday, we had to change hotels in the morning and then took a cab over to the Chictopia event. Let me say.. it was amazing. The set up was gorgeous, the venue was perfect.. it honestly blew me away on how well planned this event was! And that was just from the first impression of walking inside! Plus, I learned so much! My notebook is overflowing with notes! Did I mention the food? Amazing!

A few tips from the conference? If you're a blogger looking to work with a brand, send a note! Connect! Reach out. Even if they aren't interested, they might work with you on other promos or features. It's important to build a relationship with a brand.. it might lead to a future sponsorship! Guest blogging is a great way to share traffic. Stick to brands you love.

Don't promote something just because you're being paid to - your readers won't trust you! Blogging is like being a brand. You have to be consistent with your message. Be authentic. Be true to yourself. Readers will come! Take part in our amazing community. If you truly want other bloggers to succeed, they'll want the same for you. One of the biggest traffic sources is word of mouth and referrals! Be nice to one girl - she'll tell all of her friends! There's so much more, but hopefully that helps a little bit if you're just starting out and blogging!

It was a little bit chilly this day and my feet were dying so it was amazing to have just a thin layer of socks underneath these heels! There were lots of stripes, plaids and prints at the conference - so glad to see all of that still in style, because I definitely love my prints. I have also fallen in love with the socks with heels trend, of course. And military trends - olive green is my favorite color for autumn! And this lady-like purse from Urban Outfitters isn't leaving my side this season either. I am so excited for autumn fashion. I have some really fun posts planned, so welcome new readers! I'm so excited to have you here!

Outfit details:

H&M dress
H&M ring
Urban Outfitters bag
Urban Outfitters socks
Necklace c/o Dolly and Boy Jewelry
Braided Belt c/o Ruche
Point The Way Button Up Shirt c/o Ruche
Urban Outfitters heels