First signs of autumn

Well, autumn is here! Signs were showing in Michigan several weeks ago, but it finally feels real now. The nights are getting darker earlier, trees are changing everywhere, leaves are falling, the air is cool - it's perfection. I absolutely love this season. It's really strange right now though because this is the first fall where I haven't returned to school! I am really missing it too - maybe I'll have to go back to Kendall and major in their new fashion program? ;)

Life has been a little crazy lately. My entire website was deleted somehow the other night, so I have rebuilt that, but my shop is down currently. It's on my to-do list to put back up immediately, so bear with me! I'm also looking anywhere and everywhere for a job. I'd absolutely love to find something in the Grand Rapids area, but at this point, Brett and I are willing to move. I feel like graphic design jobs are so scarce right now and the ones that are available are extremely competitive. I mean - I have a bachelor's degree in interactive design, I'm even better at graphic design and I'm self taught in social media and am super insanely passionate. Yet it's still not enough! I feel like you have to know people!

I wore this same exact outfit while I was in NYC, but never got photos of it! I absolutely love this skirt from ModCloth - the print is so whimsical and unique. It has little farm scenes, rabbits and trees on it. The bow gets wrinkly quickly, so I kept having to fluff it out to make it look like a bow, but really - I love it. I'm going to be stuck in this cardigan this fall - it's so comfortable! I once got ragged on the blog for wearing too many flats and cardigans - teehee, sorry! It's what I like! Buzz off! :)

Outfit details:

Express tee
Target tights
Do You Really Want To Skirt Me in Print c/o ModCloth
Urban Outfitters necklace
H&M cardigan
Urban Outfitters flats