Juicy Couture Chictopia After-Party!

So, the Chictopia Juicy Couture after party was just amazing. If you haven't already heard, I was one of the winners of Chictopia's Make Life Juicy contest and was just absolutely thrilled! I found out two days before I was going to leave and it was just the icing on top of my fashion week cake. Kim from Eat Sleep Wear and Jennie from Going West were the other two winners! We met up at Juicy Couture and were able to pick out any outfit we wanted from the store. I mean, how intimidating is that? There were too many amazing things! We had assistants bringing us different sizes and new styles - I felt like I was in a movie!

We tried on countless variations of outfits and finally decided on what we wanted. I had my heart set on a gray blazer (not pictured!) that I couldn't leave the store without, so I knew I had to base my outfit around that blazer. Of course, it had amazing pants to match that fit me perfectly - so all I had to do was match this slouchy top and some studded heels! I absolutely adore my outfit, thanks to Juicy Couture and Chictopia. Plus, they are reimbursing up to $600 in travel expenses. How did I get so lucky on this one?!

The party - was amazing. I had such an amazing time chatting with so many of my favorite girls and bloggers, sipping yummy honey mango drinks and eating one too many macaroons. Plus, so many pictures, gabbing about outfit shots and the things we bloggers go through, giving secrets about my upcoming autumn posts and laughing over things like sand being ground up in our tripods or boyfriends/husbands that refuse to shoot outfit photos - things I can't normally laugh over with girls in real life. Hehe!

Be sure to check out Juicy Couture's facebook page for more photos on the event and check out Chictopia for amazing inspiration and wonderful opportunities. Thanks to both of them for putting on such a great day - for everyone who took part in it! And also a huge thanks to the people at Juicy Couture who helped us style our outfits, grabbed countless sizes and made so many trips to the back room to get us what we needed. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I felt like a rockstar! I had to remind myself countless times in the dressing room that I'm just a small town blogger from west Michigan!