The green lady

Michigan is so full of ancient mysteries, local legends, unexplained phenomena and haunted cemeteries. I know that the number one reason you all follow along this blog is to take part in my crazy adventures (riiiight, let's just pretend for this week, at least!) and so you're all just going to be so frightened with the spooky adventures that I am going to risk my life for. Ooooooh!

There is an urban legend in Comstock Park, just 30 minutes east of our quaint little beach town. It's about an apparition of a woman in a green Victorian-style dress, observed kneeling and weeping at the grave of a child, in the Mill Creek Cemetery (a.k.a. Lamoreaux Cemetery). She is lovingly named The Green Lady. People have searched everywhere and nobody is able to come up with anything on her or this creepy cemetery.

This cemetery is a unique one. It's hidden from view, and there is no road to it, only old stone stairs up a hill. It is very overgrown. Once inside the cemetery, there are graves in the side of the hill, scattered way into the woods, in some very odd places. It is not a large cemetery. People have been told it is abandoned. Most of the gravestones date back to the 1800's. We did locate a grave of a child all by itself. I wonder if that is the one she is supposedly seen kneeling by? The cemetery itself is not marked at all, no signs or anything. - Dave, Grand Rapids Area Paranormal Enthusiasts via Weird Michigan.

After reading about this urban legend, it was such an adventure to map out this cemetery, climb up the old creepy stone stairs and come upon this creepy old cemetery on the top of a hill in a very hidden spot. I found the stand alone child's gravestone, the very gravestone that is said to be haunted by The Green Lady. Ooooh! I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep tonight! I'll be tossing and turning all night..! ;)

Outfit details:

Thrifted blazer
Urban Outfitters socks
Urban Outfitters top
Connect the Dot Dress c/o Urban1972
T.J.Maxx heels