Haunted tower

I wish I had all the facts and the backstory to this creepy old house, but I've got nothing. All the locals know is that this house was built with no records and no family history. It is abandoned - nobody has lived in it for years. If you peek in through the windows, you see the furniture untouched, cobwebs covering everything and old melted down candlesticks with burnt tips. As you walk up the stairs and peek inside, this eerieness overcomes you and most people get so nervous that they can't even approach the house.

There is an old legend that an old woman once lived here and her family disappeared one night. It was almost like they vanished into thin air. So she dragged her old rocking chair up the multiple flights of stairs into her tower. She would sit there.. night after night after night watching the streets for her family to come back home. They never came home. She died in her rocking chair, frozen, her eyes wide open with fear.

Hehe! Alright, alright. If you can't tell already, I totally made that story up. I love you guys too much to lie. Muaaha! I took a creative writing class in college - I had to put my skills to good use! Right? Plus, I had you all so scared, right?! The truth is.. I don't know a single thing about this house except that it looks creepy.. and nobody lives here, but it's not for sale, so it's kind of abandoned. I love it though. It's such an amazing old historic home! Hehe, I'm still giggling over here at my story!

I love my namesake dress from ModCloth! When they wrote up the description about it last May, they said it would look great paired with a bomber jacket and lace-up boots. At the time, it was a bit warm to try that look.. but now that it's cooler, I wanted to give it a go! We've had insane winds these past couple of days! I absolutely love it - except for now our trees are so bare!

Outfit details:

Bomber jacket by Be Hip! by Me Jane
Selective Potential Dress c/o ModCloth
ModCloth Full Tilt Purse
Jeffrey Campbell boots