Yellow leaves

We have been having the best autumn weather lately. I don't know how we're so lucky! I remember last year, October, was so rainy and freezing cold. This whole week has been sixties, sunshine.. and the perfect breeze. For the rest of the week, we're even supposed to get up into the 70's! Can I just say that playing in leaf piles when the temperature is amazing... is the perfect moment? It is. Especially when I'm with Brett and we just walk around, grab a bite downtown and take fun silly photos. I think the reason I'm such a happy person is because things like this honestly excite me. The small things in life are honestly what I love most.

After we ate dinner, brushed ourselves off from the leaves, we drove over and spent quite a bit of time looking around the Halloween store. I love that so much! I can spend hours in those stores. Giggling over the skanky women's costumes, trying on masks with Brett, squealing over how someday I can't wait until we have a baby and we can be Popeye, Olive Oil and Sweet pea, being honestly freaked out by the zombie babies when their heads spin and pressing every "try me" button to get the front-yard decorations to shake and have their eyes glow red. Haha! I love it!

Brett helped me with my outfit today! I have all of my outfits planned hanging up in my closet, but I didn't have something for just a casual day out, so he helped! I bought this vintage scarf in NYC with Elizabeth and it felt so autumn to me! It was Brett's suggestion to tie it into a headband - what a genius! This dress from LuLu*s is so insanely comfortable. I'll probably live in it - along with a chunky cardigan and some flats or boots! Autumn is the best time to dress! And live! :)

I'm so excited tomorrow is Friday! The weekends are the best because Brett is home and I have him all to myself. We have plans to go see Life As We Know It (can't wait!) Saturday, we're headed up to Point Betsie for a wedding which is going to be insanely gorgeous. We're going to take the scenic route along M-22 and hopefully see a ton of beautiful fall colors! Oh! Do you guys experience leaves/autumn like this? If not, say so in a comment! I'm going to send out a few surprise packages to my southern/international readers!

Outfit details:

Chilltown Chocolate Brown Dress c/o LuLu*s
Urban Outfitters cardigan
Vintage headband
Urban Outfitters flats