Desolate barns

Woot, woot! Two outfit posts in a row, go me! I knew that once I got my feet on the ground, I'd be back into a normal routine. It's all about how you spend the weekends. It's so tempting to lay on the couch, eat lots of junk food and fall into the trap of Sunday television, but you must resist! It has been so warm lately. I felt perfectly fine in some lace shorts outside.. in end of November. I know, it's insane!

I wanted these lace shorts so bad from Urban 1972 because they are so cute - but when I got them, I had no idea how to style them up. It was really challenging! I just went with a chunky knit cardigan and some t-straps (two of my crutches lately) but I liked how the casual cardigan and flats toned down what might have been a bold fashion statement in the lace shorts. I'm not typically a bold person when it comes to fashion, so it's all about taking unique items and making them me - a girl next door!

Tonight, I baked something from scratch! I know, most of you are cooking mavens, but I honestly am so terrible at cooking. When I was younger.. I tried to make an apple pie (crust, everything..) from scratch and it was the worst thing I've ever eaten! My mom is such an amazing cook - it must have skipped a generation. But my grandma was an amazing cook too.. where's my luck?! But tonight.. I baked pumpkin crisp. Oh gosh, it smelled so amazing. I opened the oven door.. and this wave of pumpkin butter dough hit my face and I spun around the kitchen and went "eeee!" I haven't tried any yet because it's for my work pot luck tomorrow. Wish me luck that it tastes alright!

Outfit details:

Thrifted cardigan
Best of Both Worlds Shirt Tunic c/o Ruche
Forever21 headband
Boudior Lace Shorts c/o Urban1972
Sibling Flats in Big Sis c/o ModCloth