Ferry park

Happy monday, everyone! I'm so excited for this week because it's a three-day work week and we have Thanksgiving coming up! I love the holidays - what a fun time of year. Brett and I had a great weekend - headed out to Chicago on Saturday with our friends, Jeremy and Kait, for their Magnificent Mile Lights Parade. I cannot believe Christmas is right around the corner. Michigan has held off on snow so far this year - which is perfection. We've had a gorgeous autumn. I like snow to hit after Thanksgiving.

I'm loving this dress from Shop Ruche. If you're a long time reader of my blog, you all know I loveeee my sleeved dresses. They are just so easy to wear - no styling required! Especially when most of the time I have to wear a cardigan over dresses. This little bird print is so cute. I got so many compliments at work on it. A lot of you have asked me if I'm allowed to dress cute at work and if so, what do I wear - well this is it! I get to dress however I want at work - no dress code. So most of the time I'm in dresses, tights, boots, heels - and I go for jeans on Fridays. I love it.

I'll try to sneak out during some lunch breaks and grab some shots of more "work"outfits. These first two weeks have been very busy and a lot of times I haven't been able to sneak out because of meetings or orientation lunches, which has been so much fun. It's so different to work for a place where people want to connect and hang out during lunch. I love it! I'm putting myself on a calendar routine for the blog now that I'm so busy. It's really going to help with consistency in posts! I have a fun giveaway coming this week + a mini tour of my new office and workplace!

Outfit details:

Chic Chick Gray Dress c/o Ruche
Symmetrically Weaved Belt c/o Ruche
Navy tights c/o LuLu*s
Urban Outfitters heels