November forest

Oh my, November is here already! It feels like I was just saying how excited I was that October was here! I'm so bummed - we had amazing weather in October! So far, it's been cold but sunny in November, so that's alright. This month is going to be an exciting one in my life, so I have much to look forward to. Plus, the month ends with yummy food I can stuff my face on!

I wanted to wear this dress for a spooky post, but I ran out of time before Halloween! I'm glad most of you enjoyed the corny little stories I had to tell! It was a really fun week doing those types of posts. It's so much fun learning more about my own home state through this blog and all of the adventures we've taken for posts. It honestly keeps me inspired in this blog - just my surroundings and the things Brett and I do together.

So what am I wearing when not posting outfit pictures? This cardigan. Over everything. It's the most comfortable cardigan ever and it was $17.80 at Forever 21. You just can't beat that! I absolutely love it. I sleep in it, I wake up in it, I wear it throughout the day. Seriously. I need to probably wash it soon - hehe! I've also been wearing this Kellyssima ring non-stop. It doesn't even match this outfit, but I had to wear it. I love it - it matches so many of my floral dresses in my closet. She has gorgeous handmade jewelry in her shop - so vintage inspired.

I'm in love with everything t-strap right now. My heels from UO, these flats from Modcloth. They are so so comfortable. I'm all about flats. I'm hoping I can wear these for a while yet before the snow hits Michigan! It feels like now that Halloween is over - I'm seeing and hearing everything Christmas on TV! Ah, snow and winter is too soon! I want more days in the sunshine, with leaves falling and pumpkins on porches!

Outfit details:

Forever21 cardigan
ModCloth Moshannon Dress
Ring c/o Kellyssima
Siblings Flat in Big Sis c/o ModCloth