Top five outfits of 2010

Here we go.. the start of the 2010 year-end recaps! I'm going to first start with my top outfits of 2010. I'm still so flattered when you guys like an outfit of mine. You all truly understand my personal style, as simple as it may be. Thank you all for the wonderful support throughout 2010. I appreciate you all so much!

#1 - Red Touch of Spring - This was taken last spring as I was scrambling to finish up my last semester in college. I remember I had a quick one hour break and Brett met me outside of college to snap these photos. I borrowed this dress from Delightfully Tacky and paired it with my red cardigan and basketweave flats.. and it was voted number one. This is definitely my style - you all know how much I adore florals.. and red touches!

#2 - First Signs of Autumn - this was taken last September right after I got back from New York City. I absolutely adore this skirt - the print is so fun and unique. I love pairing it with my favorite olive green cardigan. This is such a simple me outfit!

#3 - Summer Renewal - This is the dress I wore to a fancy dinner out for my birthday! I actually wore this dress while scooting (quite far) out to the restaurant! Brett and I pulled our scooters over, found a little spot and snapped some photos. Ah, how I love summer.. and miss it. This dress is absolutely one of my favorites.

#4 - Holiday Parties - this was taken just this month for my company holiday party! I have styled this skirt a few times in the past, but I felt like I finally got it right this time around. Before, I tried to tone it down or dress it up a little too much. It was perfect right in the middle - dressy with the glitter tights, but yet -simple- with the cranberry cardigan. I really liked wearing this outfit to the party!

#5 - Boyden House - I loved wearing this outfit. I had just gotten my favorite JC splendid sandals and couldn't wait to pair them with this floral dress. I love how a lot of my top outfits have my favorite style elements - florals, black and brown mixed, chunky belts and cardigans. I also really loved this location - everything just seemed to fit together for this post.

Here are a few more outfits that were runner-ups to the top five, plus some of my personal favorites. Floral Grunge was definitely one of my most notable. This 90's grunge dress was meant to be paired with my lace up JC boots. Simple, grunge, florals... I'm so predictable! Another thing I'm very predictable at is blending in with my surroundings. It's definitely my niche with this blog. I'm really glad most of you like seeing different spots in my state and outfits to match. So, of course I had to wear an apple-print skirt at Robinette's Apple Haus in October. Spring and autumn were by far my favorite seasons this year with style on the blog.

Shanty Creek was a favorite post of mine and you might recognize it from my header! The overcast skies in the lush field in June were a great combination for photos. Summer had a few moments too. Summer Marsh was a wonderful summer combination with the heart-shaped back floral dress and wide-brimmed hat peering over the swampy marshland.

And another favorite from last spring, Picnicking in a Field. We had some great weather last spring.. I'm so excited for this upcoming spring again. These photos are making me feel so nostalgic! Plus, I've already purchased a few dresses for spring 2011. Eeeps! ;]

I hope you all enjoyed my top outfits of 2010! (Click here for the 2009 top outfits!) I was excited to post these photos - especially for the new readers who haven't seen the older posts. I've absolutely loved this year in blogging. I was able to go to New York Fashion Week twice, I've made the best friends, saw a lot of changes in myself, my blog and my personal style and felt like Selective Potential became what it was meant to be. I finally feel like I'm living up to my potential and it's thanks to all of you and your wonderful support throughout the year. So excited to have you all along for the ride with me in 2011. ♥