Crane's Pie Pantry

I was feeling the need for adventure this weekend, so I headed out to an old pie pantry I've wanted to visit for years. I embarked on my journey through the snow down to Fennville, a small country town, where Crane's Pie Pantry is located. "The interior of the restaurant is crammed with fun antique memorabilia and collections, with old wartime paratrooper toys hanging from the ceilings and mannequins posed and costumed in every nook and cranny."

After going to the pie pantry once, I might have changed my outfit around a little bit to have more of a "country" feel - incorporating some reds and browns into my look instead of black and brass! I knew I had to wear this dress to the pie pantry though - it was so fitting. I just received this amazing purse from Starr via the Delightful Dozen secret santa swap! I absolutely love it! It's so me.

"Crane's Pie Pantry may have built its reputation on the freshness of its pies and other baked goods, but its on-site canine mascot is ironically un-fresh, having been dead for about 70 years now. Located right inside the restaurant, in a sleigh, sits Dead Betty the Dog, a decades old mutt who presides over the funky country establishment. It's local tradition to wave to Betty when entering the building. Woe to those who forget and pass her by!"

"Betty, who lived in Chicago from 1930 to 1937, was inherited by the aunt of one of the store's bakers. Exactly why she ended up preserved here for eternity is uncertain, but she wound up as guardian of the old farm restaurant. Betty can be visited on weekends, two miles west of Fennville on M-89. Hours can be sporadic. Betty can be unresponsive."

Like I've said a million times before, I love dorky, tourist attractions in small towns. Michigan is full of them - and I adore my state for it. I can't imagine life without the word corny. I just giggled over everything in this restaurant... and now I can't wait to go back in autumn. I swear you can find such fun things to do no matter where you live, if you do a little bit of searching! Granted, not everyone likes corny adventures like I do, but if you do.. I highly suggest, get out there and find those places!

(Story via "Weird Michigan", credit to Crane's Pie Pantry)

Outfit details:

Pie in the Window Dress c/o ModCloth
Necklace c/o Dolly & Boy Jewelry
Mustache Ring c/o Threadsence
Target tights
Jeffrey Campbell boots