The Guy Behind the Camera: 13th Edition!

Welcome to the 13th edition of The Guy Behind the Camera series! I love showing off lovely bloggers alongside their guys. A huge part of my life and blog is Brett so I wanted to give girls a chance to showcase their guys! First, I have Amber from This Is The Life. She always laughs when she has her husband take photos for her because he says, "The things I do for you..." Her husband is by no means a photographer (he's a nurse in the ICU) and has had close to zero experience with a camera until they met! Now his skills have vastly improved and she loves him to death for putting up with her and for being willing to learn what she likes. He actually bought her her first nice camera and little did he know a few years later - he would be the one "behind the camera". So cute.

Next up, we have Maggie from Lifesize Paperdoll. She has been such a wonderful support of my blog and I absolutely love reading about her adventures with her boyfriend, Niklaas. She says that he deserves to be featured because of how significant his contribution to making her blog beautiful has become in his photography. Together, they are the perfect team. He continually takes gorgeous photos that leaves her in awe. Every single day she gets to spend with him is a fairytale and she loves how he not only supports her blog, but loves being a part of it and turns every photo shoot into an adventure. Every time she looks at him, it's like the first time. Aww!

Third, we have Tanvi! Her husband, Ashish, takes all of her outfit photos. He has been so supportive of her blog since the very beginning! They always take pictures after he comes back from work in the evening and use it as their "time together". No matter how tired he is, he never complains! He is always willing to take as many photos as she needs. She has come to realize that nobody captures her like he does (through the lens). Aw!

Fourth, we have Leah from What Indie Nights. Her guy, Toby, is a film graduate and he is always interested in getting involved in creative projects with her. He encourages her passions and is happiest when he knows she's happy with how she looks. He has really high standards, which drives her to try harder, be more adventurous and worry less of what other people think. She knows that deep down he really loves that she's happy in participating in something like this. Plus, she says he is more stylish than her and he inspires her in that way too!

And last, we have Brooke from Wily Wiley. She wanted to be part of this feature because she thinks it's a wonderful way to give credit to the men who sigh and moan day after day when you just need to catch that perfect light or pull the car over for the perfect shot. Her boyfriend, Jeb, has been the most wonderful photographer for her. Every day he waits until she gets home from work so they can head down the street for the perfect location for photos. She loves how he can tell if they are going to be great shots or if they just need to capture a few more. They have the most fun shooting at his family's beach house. It has been a special place for them and she always loves looking back at those posts because she can see the happiness pouring out of her!

That's it for the 13th edition of Guy Behind the Camera! If you enjoyed reading this, be sure to check out the first 12 features. I am no longer accepting submissions for this feature as it will ending in April. Thanks so much!