Closet Inventory

(photo source: weheartit)

Lately, my closet has been a little out of control, especially my shoes. So, I bought a shoe shelf and had Brett put it together today. While I was organizing up a little bit, I thought it would be fun to do an entire inventory of my closet! I didn't really find anything I had forgotten, but I did realize that I don't wear half of what I own. I don't know what that means... do I purge and get rid of those items? What if I really do love them... but just don't wear them all the time? What if I know I'll wear it in the future? I can easily get rid of things, but if I really love something... I just can't! Well anyway, I thought I would share the inventory with all of you for fun. ;)

40 pairs of shoes. 53 dresses. 17 skirts. 10 pairs of shorts. 7 pairs of pants. 33 pairs of tights. 19 belts. 9 hats. 9 purses. 18 scarves. 61 tops. 27 cardigans. 11 coats/blazers. 23 necklaces. 23 rings. 9 pairs of earrings. 5 bracelets.

I don't know how my closet compares to the average girl. I feel like 40 pairs of shoes isn't a lot, but in my closet... it's insane. The only thing that really surprised me was 61 tops! And I only have 7 pairs of pants. So typical, me. Do you guys know your closet inventory? Share with me! I'm interested to know! ps; Happy Sunday!