The Guy Behind the Camera: 14th Edition!

Welcome to the 14th edition of Guy Behind the Camera! For new readers, I started this feature over a year ago to give bloggers the opportunity to thank their guys behind the camera that shoot their photos for their blogs! I really appreciate Brett and he's been so amazing to take my outfit shots! To start off the feature, we have Aly from From Pacific to Atlantic. Her and her guy, Wes, have been dating for over two years. He loves photography, so he is always excited to take photos for her blog! He is constantly supportive when she tries out new looks and is always pushing her to expand her style! He always reassures her about her choices in fashion and she says her wardrobe wouldn't have grown without him!

Second, we have Hanna from Teeny Owl. She's been dating her boyfriend for over two years and she says he's the absolute best. He supports her in everything she does and says she cannot say how much this has come in handy when she wants to spend so much of her free time blogging about fashion! Before she could even ask him if he would be her photographer, he offered! He is super honest with her and makes she sure looks her best in photos. He also helps to keep her on track with this new endeavor in her life. He's a super wonderful boyfriend and she is so excited for their wonderful future together.

Third, we have Sally from Louder than Silence! Her and her guy, Ross, have been together for over two years and they started their blog as a creative outlet for their writing and photography! Ross does actually appear in front of the camera too, as their blog is a collaboration between the two of them, documenting their day to day life in London town. She wanted to put forward a thank you to him for putting up with her and her perfectionist ways. He's always so patient and only moans a teeny bit - it helps somewhat that he fancies himself as a David Bailey type! And as a bonus, he shares her love of charity shopping - how many guys can you go out thrifting with?! So cute.

Fourth, we have Ellie from Ellie's Shoes. She thought, since her blog is all about shoes, it would be cute to show her and her guy... by their shoes! Her other half, Jodi, is a photographer by trade and they started her blog in London earlier this year. Jodi set up a makeshift studio and took portraits of every single pair she had! Without his beautiful shots, her blog would contain only lazy daily pictures. She hopes that he gains some recognition from her blog because he's so talented and so patient when they are in the studio!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the 14th edition of Guy Behind the Camera! If you enjoyed reading this, you can check out the first 13 editions! I am no longer accepting submissions for this feature as it will be ending in April! I'll have new ways to feature bloggers in spring that I'm excited to share! Thanks so much!