Warm in our apartment

Here are the last of the photos from our session with Bryan and Mae! I absolutely love our pictures and can't wait to frame some for our apartment. So... speaking of our apartment, these last shots were all done in our home! After we froze all morning outside taking shots, it was so great to come inside and drink hot cocoa and warm up! Our apartment is the entire upstairs of a house, so you have to come up stairs when you come in and this sign is always here to greet you for whatever season we're in! Brett designed it for winter!

We love our little sun room. There are so many windows and a slider that leads to the outdoor deck, so it's just a really well-lit area for a couch and chair. Plus, the roof is a wooden-plank style ceiling that indents up. I love it! Little details about older homes just touch my heart. It's secretly why I can't bring myself to build a house and am instead throwing that idea out the window to again look for an older home with more charm. I love our apartment. This is the 12th home I've lived in.. and it's by far my favorite place I've ever lived.

This is usually what I'm wearing on a lazy weekend. I'm in love with my Gap jeggings... they are just so comfortable. I can't even bring myself to put on "real jeans" anymore. Add a v-neck and a cardigan (plus Brett's oversized socks!) and I'm all set for the day!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed all of the photos from our session with Bryan and Mae! If you missed the first three sessions, be sure to check them out! The wintry photos are just so pretty, even if winter is my least-favorite season, I can definitely see the beauty in it. The news is threatening snowpocolypse at 10 PM tonight... are any of you seeing anything yet? I haven't seen a single snowflake. I think it's all a bunch of hype!