Acres of antiques

This past weekend, I was feeling ultra spontaneous. If you follow me on Twitter, you know a little bit of the story... but here goes. Brett and I went and grabbed some pizza in a town just north of us and were feeling like doing something. I'm having major cabin fever and am so ready for winter to be over. So, I was like... "Let's go to St. Louis!" (It's a 7+ hour drive!) and we were looking at each other smiling, seriously considering it. But Brett decided to be an old, responsible man (our kitty is still getting better) and so we stayed home and he fell asleep at 9:30 PM. He had some major making up to do on Saturday... ;)

So we were out and about shopping on Saturday and all of a sudden I'm locked in the car with no idea where we're going! So he surprised me with a quick trip to a historic district out east we've been meaning to visit lately! There is a little town in Michigan - Mason - and they have their claim to fame of 'acres of antiques'. It was so cute! We perused 5 little antiques shops all within a little neighborhood! I purchased a totally cute floral umbrella and Brett scored a few great records!

I wore my new and totally favorite shoes from ModCloth. They are Jeffrey Campbell (my obsession) and tapestry! I'm in love with tapestry prints right now. I just found an amazing purse at the thrift store the other day too that I can't wait to show you guys! Plus, these shoes were so comfortable (just a small wedge heel) for walking around and perusing amazing antiques!

I've been living in this cardigan lately. I sleep in it, I wake up in it and go to work, snuggle in it with some hazelnut coffee in the morning, then I get home and wrap up in it on the sofa with my laptop.. and then I go to sleep in it again. Not kidding. I can't take it off. It's been saving my life through these last winter days, because I'm so over winter. I've been legitimately mad at winter... and scowling under my breath when I have to step outside! Hehe! Spring honestly cannot come sooner!

Well.... I think that's about it in the exciting life of Brett and Tieka! Our band just booked our first real show and scheduled our time to record at the end of April. I will be so excited to post some of our songs up here so you can all finally listen! I'm hoping this spring is going to be the best yet! See you tomorrow! Hoping to grab some pretty sunset photos tomorrow now that the sun is out when I get home! So AMAZING!

Outfit details:

Old Navy coat
Urban Outfitters cardigan
T.J.Maxx tights
Fine Furnishings Wedge c/o ModCloth