The Guy Behind the Camera: 15th Edition!

Welcome to the 15th edition of Guy Behind the Camera! We only have two more features, so I'm excited to be showing off these lovely bloggers and their guys! For new readers, I started this over a year ago to give girls the opportunity to say thanks for the guys who take our pictures! Brett is the best - even though he's currently trying to charge me... by buying him records.. mmhmm! First up, we have Katie from Butterfly loves Snapdragons! She wanted to showcase her husband, Sean, because he's "so darn sweet". He doesn't take her photos everyday because he commutes, but he's so patient on the weekend to take her shots. He is supportive of her blog because he knows it's something that she loves and enjoys doing. He endures all of her directions and doesn't even say a word! She can't wait for many more years together with her best friend! So cute.

Second, we have Kendra from Closet Confections! She met her husband and photographer extraordinaire the first day of orientation in college, and they've been pretty much inseparable ever since. She wanted to showcase him because even though he works hard all day long as a high school math teacher and comes home exhausted, he always takes time to photograph her outfits. He's her number one go-to-person for outfit advice! One of the most supportive things he does is leave little comments and inside jokes on some of her posts once in a while. She's not sure if her readers realize he's the one making the comments, but it makes her smile to know that he's actively interested in what she loves doing! Love that!

Next up, we have Cayce from Madame Joy. She feels like her guy, Tim, deserves an award for putting up with her many freak-outs on their photo adventures. He is such a chill guy and she's quite high-strung, so together they are the perfect balance! He is an artist and always seems to find potential in the ordinary. He has been the driving force of encouragement behind her blog and was the one who gave her the courage to start in the first place. Tim rarely makes appearances on her blog, but one of the days she is going to convince him to let her turn the camera on him!

Fourth up, we have Mandy from The Curvy Model. (I met her during NYFW last fall and loved her to death!) She is obsessed with her camera and taking photos, so when she realized she needed a tripod... obviously that's a bummer for any photography lover! So instead, she has her longtime boyfriend, Kevin, take her shots! The rest is history. His eye is very different than hers, but that just makes her outfit photos so much more interesting. She's just so extremely happy to have him in her life.

And last up, we have Lauren from Sparrow and Urchin! I just met Lauren a couple of weeks ago at the Michigan Blogger Meetup and she was just so excited about her fiancee and photographer, Kevin! He helps her with everything - whether it's stretching canvases or supporting her in her new hobby of blogging. He loves helping her take photos and giving her advice on outfit choices! She loves that he's an amazing artist. They've been joined at the hip for over 5 years ever since they first met in a liberal arts class at art school! Say congrats to them for getting engaged! (I even got a sneak peek at her adorable wedding dress!)

Thanks for reading the 15th edition of Guy Behind the Camera! If you enjoyed reading this, there are 14 more editions you can peruse! I am no longer accepting submissions for this feature as it will be ending in April! (I have a double post coming in April!) and I'll have some new ways to feature bloggers as we get more into spring! Thanks so much!