Guy Behind the Camera: Final Edition!

Welcome to the final edition of Guy Behind the Camera! For new readers, I started this feature in January 2010 as a way to showcase the guys who take our pictures! Ever since I started my blog, Brett has been there right with me taking all of my photos and I wanted a way to showcase the guys for a change and say thanks! So here we go... first up we have Thessa from To Look For Style. Thessa is so grateful for her guy, Ricky. She spent a year reading style blogs but held off on her own because she wasn't sure she could keep up with it. With help from Ricky, she started her blog and has had his constant support since the beginning. He is always willing to help her with photos and root her on when she breaks through 50 hits a day! They've been together 7 years and she's so happy he's there to go on this journey with her. She couldn't do it without him!

Second, we have Chelsea and Scott from Tea Talk! They've been together for over four years and he is the positive light in her life. They are each other's best friends and spend so much time together taking photographs, eating and studying. He is always very encouraging when it comes to her blog and always notices when she puts a new post up. Scott is also a great sport when it comes to taking her outfit photos and is always helping her to grab the perfect shot. He's the most caring and loving person she's ever met and she's so thankful to have him in her life!

Third up, we have Rebecca from Rebecca with an R. Her husband, Jason, takes all of her photos! As a 6'4 basketball player who spends most days in gym shorts and a t-shirt, it's taken him some time to understand her fashion obsession. He supports her fascination as long as it doesn't involve her changing his comfortable style ;) He's not much of a photographer, but he willingly gets out of bed in the morning and puts on his slippers to trudge out into the cold to take her photos. What a trooper! And seeing as how they don't have a tripod, there would be no pictures without him. She once tried stacking a bunch of books on each other to take pictures and it ended up cutting off her head every time. So basically, what she is saying is get married. It makes fashion blogging much much easier! ;)

Next we have Heather from Simply Sunstar. She's been with her fiancee, Jeff, for over two and a half years and they are getting married in August. She absolutely loves having him as her best friend and photographer. He is so patient and always makes her laugh so he's able to grab natural, candid shots. It's also a lot of fun going out and exploring new locations with him. Her favorite thing about Jeff being her photographer is how she is able to see herself through his eyes. It makes her feel so much more beautiful and confident. He's also been so supportive and genuinely excited for her with each blogging milestone. Words can't express how grateful she is for him - her blog and life truly would not be the same without him!

Next, we have Maggie from Dimestore Diamond. Her fiancee, Brett, is truly a godsend when it comes to her blog. She had talked about it for so long about taking the plunge and Brett was the one who encouraged her and gave her the confidence to actually do it! He is her best friend, makes her laugh like no one else can and is the most generous person. Period. He takes her pictures in some crazy situations: at seven in the morning, in subzero weather and in his pajamas at night. No matter what, he's always there for her and gives her great blog (and life) advice. Her favorite photo shoots are those where they grab a drink and walk around their block goofing off and finding new places to take photos. She's so thankful for all he does and she cannot wait to be his wife!

For the last of the girls being featured, we have Jessica from Splendiferous Inclinations. Her husband, Caleb, is the most amazing husband she could ever ask for. When she decided to start blogging, he was immediately supportive. Even when his schedule gets crazy and he doesn't get home from work until midnight, he always asks if she needs her photos taken. He's her number one encourager, and he always tells her how beautiful she is and how cute her outfits are. He spends his days in slacks and ties, and he's always interested in seeing which quirky outfit she will choose to spend her day in. He is by no means a professional photographer, but his enthusiasm to help her always blows her away. Her blog is only possible because of the endless amount of support she receives from Caleb. She can't imagine her world without him!

And finally, I just want to say thanks to my husband, Brett, one more time for always taking my photos. We've been married for almost four years and I can honestly say these have been the best years of my entire life. When I asked Brett to take my very first outfit shot, we had no idea the adventure we'd be going on together. He's a huge part of this blog because he's obviously the biggest part of my life. Sometimes we get ourselves into insane predicaments - like the time a drunken sailor coo'ed us onto his sailboat for outfit shots, standing outside in 10 degrees for almost four hours for shots, running through someone's swamp marsh and sinking into the ground as we ran and having dogs chase us, trespassing several times, having lurkers stare at my goodies... we've seen it all. I can't wait for more adventure with him. I could have never imagined how great my life would be because of him. So on the final note of the Guy Behind the Camera series... thanks to all the guys out there that take our photos for us! We appreciate it!