Lakeside Beach

Hello, loves. I'm going to pretend this day was really warm and I just stayed on this cute little beach for a long time and that it definitely wasn't windy and 44 degrees. I mean, that's just not right! It's May. So yeah, it was about 75 degrees instead and this dress was so perfect for a wonderful evening in the sun. I just lounged in this cute beach chair for hours! Mmmhmm!

I'm sure most of you heard the horror stories from my previous blog post or my Twitter, but today I have an amazing hair story! I made an appointment at Fusion Salon with an old friend of mine - Mani! She was so amazing - I'm so excited about it hours later. I don't think I've ever loved bangs more. If you are in the Grand Rapids area and are interested in going to Fusion, let me know! I have a few $10 off coupons - just shoot me an email!

I'm up to my old antics with this dress. Floral, sleeves, cut-out back. If you see something that has all of your favorite elements in a dress, I mean, it's only natural you buy it, right? Right. It has actually been hanging in my closet for most of the winter waiting for a perfect spring day, but since that perfect spring day hasn't arrived yet, it's still coming out... of the closet. Get it? Haha! I know, I'm funny.

Oh, psst... I'm giving away a bottle of Ralph Lauren Goodbye Dry hydrating body lotion with shimmer over at my Twitter page! All you have to do is follow and you'll be qualified to win! Ralph is my favorite perfume ever. I've been wearing it since I was sixteen. Isn't that crazy? To wear the same perfume for that many years? It's just a signature thing about me, something I'm not looking to change anytime soon. It's so funny how a scent can become a part of your identity. I know I sound crazy, that's why I'll sign off here. Haha! Good night!

Outfit details:

Colorful Cuttings dress c/o ModCloth
Urban Outfitters belt
Seychelles Hawk wedges in Whiskey